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HUGE Polished Dragon Septarian Crystal Ball – 1696g

It comes from Madagascar and a Wooden Rosewood Stand is included.

It weighs 1696g and is 102mm long by 102mm wide by 102mm high.


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Enhance Privacy, Communication Abilities & Group Activities

Septaria are interesting stones, with no two pieces exactly the same. The different minerals that make up these crystals means that their qualities are quite diverse.

They have a strong Shamanic influence that will strengthen group activities. Their vibration enhances privacy, and they are favorable stones for improving your communications.

They are made up of a combination of different minerals, which makes for a wide variation between various stones.

These stones have an interesting and diverse effect within the life of anyone who decides to use them. Because each of the individual minerals within the stones have a separate effect, they may vary in how strong a particular stone may be for a specific reason.

Within these stones you will find a mixture of minerals, commonly Calcite (the yellow parts), Aragonite (the brown lines) and possibly white (Baryte) or grey (Limestone or Chalcedony), depending on the specific minerals that make up that particular stone.

Deposits of this unusual stone have been found in England, Spain, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

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Weight 1696 g
Dimensions 102 x 102 x 102 mm