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Amazing Calcite Crystal Specimen – 1218g

Three big Parallel crystal with numerous small Dog teeth crystals from Loralai mine, Baluchistan, Pakistan

It weighs 1218g and is 115mm long by 85mm wide by 100mm high.

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Calcite crystals have wonderful, quite powerful attributes, and they are very easy to use. By simply holding one in your hand, you can create an amazing flow of energy through your body, as they are strong energy amplifiers.

Whatever color you choose, these stones are excellent assets to have present in your home, business or in your healing area, as they are well known to assist you to cleanse your environment.

They help to clear negative energy and bring an increase in the good vibrations present. There is a type or color of this crystal that will work at every chakra.

The list of different varieties of this crystal is quite long. All colors are helpful, as they are powerful amplifiers and cleansers, particularly of the emotions.

They are also extremely beneficial on the spiritual level, and they stimulate spiritual growth and assist you with developing psychic gifts, but this varies according to the variety.

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Weight 1218 g
Dimensions 115 x 85 x 100 mm